The National Parcs Biography

The National Parcs Biography

The National Parcs is a popular Canadian electronic band from Montreal that consists of three members. Vincent Letellier, originally known as Freeworm, has been collaborating alongside Miller since 2001. Ian Cameron joined the band later to form the National Parcs. Their first-ever album, Timbervision, was premiered at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, 2007. The band is influenced by hip-hop, gospel, and baile funk. Although most of their songs are meant to make people dance to their music, they have also worked on serious music like musique concrete and work of Murray R. Schafer. Even though their songs are uniquely Canadian, they have a mass appeal around the world.


Since their debut at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, they became a much-acclaimed part of the artistic community. With a successful debut, they also got featured In a Triennale video-music series in the summer of 2008. The National Parcs also received the award of MIMI-GAMIQ and benefited from the support in Quebec and Canada. They also appeared at a film festival in France in the same year and performed at several folk and blues festivals in Canada.

Due to their nature-friendly projects, several environmental friendly groups have joined hands with the Parcs to promote their agendas. Even though the songs from the band promote the protection of mother earth, the band members insisted that they do not want to be a part of any activist movement. They also mentioned that their future projects might featureless nature content as they wanted to focus more on creating dance music that appeals to the whole world.



The National Parcs started with an audio-video sampling of their interactions with nature. They used several recordings of throwing sticks and stones together, a splash of water, canoe paddle, ATV motor, etc. for making their songs. Cameron is the one who separated the sounds from the video and gave it to Lettelier and Miller to manipulate. Their idea was to leave the sounds as raw as possible to give the listeners a natural feel and imagination. The beats and lyrics were added later to the quality music.

They also used the same visual elements for their music video to tell the audience where they took the sounds from. They have interestingly compiled their videos and also took inspiration by National Film Board nature documentaries. As they like to call it, their music videos are more of art videos.

During their live performances, the band features special visual effects to entertain the audience. Their spectacular live performances make sense to the people and are perfectly enjoyable even when they are played without the visuals.

You can check out their videos on Youtube and enjoy their videos from the first album that are made entirely based on a documentary theme.

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