Review of Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

Review of Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

The entire life of all the human beings depends on quality of the sleep that they get during the night. And the quality of sleep in turn depends upon the quality of your bed. We purchased recently a new queen size bed from having firmness control system installed inside in order to get good rest and sleep during the night. The rest and the sleep that you get by sleeping depend upon the firmness of your bed. The bed we bought is of select comfort make having firmness control number ranging from 0 to 100. Select comfort are the creator of the numbered bed. The higher number indicates higher firmness of the bed.

The bed needs to be assembled after the purchase. This may take around 4 to 6 hours with two people. Once the bed is assembled, plug in the remote control that is to be used to change the firmness control number. The most beneficial aspect of this numbered bed is that the different numbers can be adjusted on each side of the bed. Each person has its own choice of the bed number based on their body condition and the sleep habits. The remote control system has indications as L and R for the left and right side of the bed. While adjusting the bed number, it is necessary to sleep on the bed and only then adjust the bed number.

You can change the bed number of one side at a time. You may not know your exact bed number in the beginning. You have to arrive at your bed number through trial and error for around 4 to 5 nights. On an average, most of the people like to sleep in a bed having bed number as 40 to 50. This is almost at the middle of the entire range of 0 to 100. However, if you are too tired and exhausted on a particular day, you may like to sleep in a loose bed with bed number as 15 to 20. Alternatively, if you are not very tired and are more or less normal, you may like to sleep with the bed number of 40. You shall be able to fix up your own bed number soon enough. Then, you can make a regular practice to check and adjust the bed number every night, while going to sleep.

One important aspect of this sleep number bed is that you may observe the fluctuations in the bed number every day. This is very usual and do not think that there is some defect or leak in your bed. These fluctuations occur due to changes in your body position during the sleep and day time, changes in the amount of weight on the bed (one person or two persons), and changes in barometric pressure or temperature, or by using an adjustable foundation. The select comfort beds that we purchased has a life long warranty and if anything goes wrong at any time, just contact the stores from where you purchased the bed. We have been using this numbered bed since last one and a half year and we have not noticed any sort of problem or defect of any kind.

That means that the select comfort numbered bed is giving reliable service. We have been now so used to sleeping in numbered bed that we do not get good sleep in an ordinary bed. This queen size bed with firmness control system also does not cost much compared to an ordinary bed, which is a general misunderstanding of the common people. We could purchase this select comfort make numbered bed in around $900 before around one and a half year. It does not need any type of periodical maintenance. Just ensure that its remote controller is plugged in either with the bed or with the electricity plug, depending upon the system you have, and enjoy the countless benefits of this numbered bed. Only limiting aspect of this bed is that you have to adjust the sleep number every night while going to sleep. Though, it takes hardly any time.

I would certainly recommend this type of numbered bed to all my friends, particularly to the senior friends in the age group above 55 years. They are sure to get maximum benefits out of it.

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