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Review of Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

Review of Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

The entire life of all the human beings depends on quality of the sleep that they get during the night....

How to Keep Your Desktop or Laptop PC Running Efficiently

How to Keep Your Desktop or Laptop PC Running Efficiently

You just got online, and go to your favorite website to get the day’s news or the newest funny video...

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Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

Review of Sleep Comfort Bed with Firmness Control

The entire life of all the human beings depends on quality of the sleep that they get during the night. And the quality of sleep in turn depends upon the quality of your bed. We purchased recently a new queen size bed from having firmness control system installed inside in order to get good rest and sleep during the night. The rest and the sleep that you get by sleeping depend upon the firmness of your bed. The bed we bought is of select comfort make having firmness control number ranging from 0 to 100. Select comfort are the creator of the numbered bed. The higher number indicates higher firmness of the bed.

The bed needs to be assembled after the purchase. This may take around 4 to 6 hours with two people. Once the bed is assembled, plug in the remote control that is to be used to change the firmness control number. The most beneficial aspect of this numbered bed is that the different numbers can be adjusted on each side of the bed. Each person has its own choice of the bed number based on their body condition and the sleep habits. The remote control system has indications as L and R for the left and right side of the bed. While adjusting the bed number, it is necessary to sleep on the bed and only then adjust the bed number.

You can change the bed number of one side at a time. You may not know your exact bed number in the beginning. You have to arrive at your bed number through trial and error for around 4 to 5 nights. On an average, most of the people like to sleep in a bed having bed number as 40 to 50. This is almost at the middle of the entire range of 0 to 100. However, if you are too tired and exhausted on a particular day, you may like to sleep in a loose bed with bed number as 15 to 20. Alternatively, if you are not very tired and are more or less normal, you may like to sleep with the bed number of 40. You shall be able to fix up your own bed number soon enough. Then, you can make a regular practice to check and adjust the bed number every night, while going to sleep.

One important aspect of this sleep number bed is that you may observe the fluctuations in the bed number every day. This is very usual and do not think that there is some defect or leak in your bed. These fluctuations occur due to changes in your body position during the sleep and day time, changes in the amount of weight on the bed (one person or two persons), and changes in barometric pressure or temperature, or by using an adjustable foundation. The select comfort beds that we purchased has a life long warranty and if anything goes wrong at any time, just contact the stores from where you purchased the bed. We have been using this numbered bed since last one and a half year and we have not noticed any sort of problem or defect of any kind.

That means that the select comfort numbered bed is giving reliable service. We have been now so used to sleeping in numbered bed that we do not get good sleep in an ordinary bed. This queen size bed with firmness control system also does not cost much compared to an ordinary bed, which is a general misunderstanding of the common people. We could purchase this select comfort make numbered bed in around $900 before around one and a half year. It does not need any type of periodical maintenance. Just ensure that its remote controller is plugged in either with the bed or with the electricity plug, depending upon the system you have, and enjoy the countless benefits of this numbered bed. Only limiting aspect of this bed is that you have to adjust the sleep number every night while going to sleep. Though, it takes hardly any time.

I would certainly recommend this type of numbered bed to all my friends, particularly to the senior friends in the age group above 55 years. They are sure to get maximum benefits out of it.

Desktop or Laptop PC Running Efficiently

How to Keep Your Desktop or Laptop PC Running Efficiently

You just got online, and go to your favorite website to get the day’s news or the newest funny video on the web. All of a sudden, a box pops up and says you have a virus, and to clean it “CLICK HERE”. What do you do? You “click here” of course….but you shouldn’t do it! Anytime you’re on a website and an unexpected box pops up, take a moment before you just click on it. Look and see if there is a small “x” in the top right corner or a small box that says “close” nearby. Get budget laptops for kali linux. Chances are, the “click here” box is spam or even worse, an embedded piece of spyware in a website trying to infect your computer. Ever seen the XP Virus Cleaner message pop up to help you get rid of the unwanted virus’ on your PC? Guess what, the XP Virus Cleaner is a cleverly named trojan itself, and once you click on it to clean your PC up, you’ve done just the opposite, giving that devlish little program access to your PC and allowing it to download all kinds of smaller programs designed to rob your computer of processing power, sending out spam messages, and potentially giving up sensitive information.

So, with all these ways to have your computer infected, infested and robbed of it’s ability to give you the pleasure you bought it for, what are you to do? Well, nothing is 100% foolproof, but I can say that as of writing this article, I haven’t had a day of downtime in 6 years due to a computer infection. We’ll go over a suggestion list of things to know, things to be on the lookout for and what to do if all else fails and you get infected anyway.

First, and this one is the hardest one of all, just apply some common sense. If you get an email that suggests you’ll get something for nothing, it’s true. You’ll get infected for nothing, after all, clicking on that email won’t earn you one red cent, and may cost you plenty. If you get an instant message from someone you don’t know offering to show you photos, chances are those “photos” are infected with the newest downloaders for the trojan of the day. As mentioned earlier in this article, if you go to a website looking for sports scores, and get a pop-up that says you have a virus, were you really expecting that pop-up from that site? Probably not, and you most likely probably don’t need to click on the box that just popped up. However, that leads us to point number two.

Number two is almost as obvious as number one, and that is to install an antivirus and antispyware program on your PC and keep it updated. If you’re on a high speed, constant connection (like RoadRunner or DSL from home) then allow the software to check daily for updates. This will help keep your computer running as smooth as it can. If you’re not always connected, then ensure once a day that you connect you take a moment to manually update your antivirus. In most cases, antivirus files are updated by the major AV companies almost daily, and certainly every other day. You’ll also want to schedule antivirus automatic scannning (called on demand scanning sometimes) so that every document and file is auto scanned before it’s opened. The same applies to antispyware software too. Let it take a look at the files you’re downloading and let it run in the background, it will often alert you when hidden programs are trying to make changes to your system. Included in this article are links to FREE antivirus and antisoftware products that work wonderfully well on home and personal computers/laptops.

Another note on the software is to ensure you’re updating your operating system files. These updates in many cases are just as important to stopping the spyware, virus’ and trojans as are the previously mentioned applications. Don’t forget that if you’re using Microsoft Office, to update the APPLICATION UPDATES too from the Microsoft website. A virus intended to infect MS WORD documents can still slip past the most update antivirus program if it’s pretty new still. Keeping your operating systems and application files updated will build a 3 level defense around your computer. Along with the aforementioned common sense, you now have a 4 ring protection system around your computer. It’s not bullet proof, but it certainly makes you less of a target.

Coming in at number three is something to look at with your hardware. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, some maintenance is needed to keep it running in tip-top shape. FIrst, keep it clean. Static builds up in the dust and dirt particles and will rob your PC of computing and memory power. Your RAM can be affected, as well as other hardware devices (your network card may not run as fast from built up static for example). Monitors can start working less efficiently, taking more power to run at the same levels as before (especially important to laptop users to maximize battery life). The exhaust fans on the back of the desktop and on the sides/bottoms of the laptops also need to be clean and have good ventilation. If you put your PC into a small enclosed area, the heat will not dissipate as fast, making the fan have to work twice as hard (and failing twice as fast). The same goes for laptops. If your fan is on the bottom of the laptop, ensure you’re not blocking the airflow by setting the laptop on something that could mold itself to the bottom (such as sitting it on a bed, and the laptop molding into the mattress, thus sucking the bed linens closer to the fan intake, and less air passing through). Buy yourself some type of laptop riser (or make one of your own) to keep the laptop elevated just enough to allow for air flow.

Another piece of hardware advice concerning laptops is this: No matter what brand laptop you have, or how new it is, don’t always leave it plugged in while using it. Once a battery is charged, it will go into protection mode so it won’t be overcharged. However, a battery that is always turned on, always plugged in, never has a chance to discharge itself. In very short time (3-5 months observed on both Dell and HP laptops) the batteries can go from brand new 3.5 hour lives, to 1.5 hour battery life. So, if you use your laptop daily for long periods, once you notice its fully charged, don’t be afraid to unplug it and let it discharge some. This is called cycling the battery, and goes a LONG way in keeping good performance and battery life for your laptop.

Finally, remember, PC’s these days are built to have a useable lifespan of about three years. Now, that’s not to say yours won’t be working after three years, but the software that comes out will be programmed to look for faster processors, more RAM, and overall just different hardware architecture. This is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of a computer and when someone says my computer runs so slowly. Often people have installed software looking for a hardware profile or availability that their machine doesn’t measure up to. Combine this with the hardware needed to just run the operating system (XP, Vista, etc) and it is no wonder your computer is running slow. Most folks don’t know they have to look at the application’s needs and compare that to their machine’s abilities before buying the latest, greatest video game or income tax software.

National Parcs

The National Parcs Biography

The National Parcs is a popular Canadian electronic band from Montreal that consists of three members. Vincent Letellier, originally known as Freeworm, has been collaborating alongside Miller since 2001. Ian Cameron joined the band later to form the National Parcs. Their first-ever album, Timbervision, was premiered at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, 2007. The band is influenced by hip-hop, gospel, and baile funk. Although most of their songs are meant to make people dance to their music, they have also worked on serious music like musique concrete and work of Murray R. Schafer. Even though their songs are uniquely Canadian, they have a mass appeal around the world.


Since their debut at the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, they became a much-acclaimed part of the artistic community. With a successful debut, they also got featured In a Triennale video-music series in the summer of 2008. The National Parcs also received the award of MIMI-GAMIQ and benefited from the support in Quebec and Canada. They also appeared at a film festival in France in the same year and performed at several folk and blues festivals in Canada.

Due to their nature-friendly projects, several environmental friendly groups have joined hands with the Parcs to promote their agendas. Even though the songs from the band promote the protection of mother earth, the band members insisted that they do not want to be a part of any activist movement. They also mentioned that their future projects might featureless nature content as they wanted to focus more on creating dance music that appeals to the whole world.



The National Parcs started with an audio-video sampling of their interactions with nature. They used several recordings of throwing sticks and stones together, a splash of water, canoe paddle, ATV motor, etc. for making their songs. Cameron is the one who separated the sounds from the video and gave it to Lettelier and Miller to manipulate. Their idea was to leave the sounds as raw as possible to give the listeners a natural feel and imagination. The beats and lyrics were added later to the quality music.

They also used the same visual elements for their music video to tell the audience where they took the sounds from. They have interestingly compiled their videos and also took inspiration by National Film Board nature documentaries. As they like to call it, their music videos are more of art videos.

During their live performances, the band features special visual effects to entertain the audience. Their spectacular live performances make sense to the people and are perfectly enjoyable even when they are played without the visuals.

You can check out their videos on Youtube and enjoy their videos from the first album that are made entirely based on a documentary theme.